January 23, 2009

Booze Before Books and Bulldog Love

School is certainly keeping me busy. I took a sorely needed break from my studies and ventured out for an ever so exciting night in Ames, Iowa. It was such a typical college experience. Everything in Ames caters towards college students, and the bar scene is no exception. Any budget conscious consumer can appreciate the incredibly cheap drink specials. In fact, for the indulgent cost of only $3 I was served my drink in a giant mason jar. It was cheap liquor, but that's the idea. I got my fill of drunk frat boys, overly tan girls, and a questionable acoustics.
I heart Ames hardcore!

In need of some love I received it in the form of Zoey, a Bulldog puppy. She is like a furry, snorting worm. In other words, amazing.

I went to a wonderfully dive bar and grill, Whiskey Tango, for lunch today with a friend from school. My body was craving Diet Coke and protein. I discovered heaven in the shape of fried food served in a basket. I fell for beer battered French fries.
Zoeys barks, "Hi."

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Piper Jacquelyn said...

OH good lord. That is most redonkulously {yes, Google, I know that's not spelled correctly} huge drink ever! I LOVE IT! Wherever this place is at we're going next time I'm in town. I promise I won't throw mine at anyone.