January 17, 2009

Derby Dress

Here is the question: Does the hat match the dress or does the dress match the hat?

May 2ND will be here before any of us knows it. Preparations for the event of the year starts months in advance. My pal Piper's Annual Derby Party is a legacy in the making. I imagine us as old women still wearing outrageous hats sipping bourbon and betting on horses with names like Massive Drama and Cool Coal Man. Let the dress shopping begin! I found this absolutely fantastic Donna Ricco dress on Nordstrom.com. While the cut would be extremely flattering for my voluptuous figure it is a tad out of my budget. It is a garment that I'd never take off. It'd be such a fun challenge to pair it up with a lovely pair of red kitten heels and of course the perfect hat.

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Pink Maple said...

Pretty dress!

I just heard about your blog over at Piper's blog - welcome to the blogging world :)