May 29, 2009

Animals in Space

This monkey looks either pissed or incredibly sad. Sad monkey.

While I was listening to NPR yesterday a very interesting piece on animals in space peaked my interest. Then I got to thinking. If one of these animal filled ships landed in some distant galaxy and its inhabitants opened the hatch and out flew this monkey, what would they think?

May 26, 2009

Swine Flu Pandemic

The news media certainly sensationalized the swine flu. What received breaking 24-hour news coverage has definitely lost its momentum even though the number of cases globally continues to grow. In fact, Iowa had 72 confirmed cases as of May 21, 2009. One poor Freshman even had to be sent away from campus after contracting the flu during a weekend trip home.

As I was heading home from class today on the commuter bus I was fortunate enough to witness the widespread fear of infection. Several Asian students, obviously new to campus, boarded the bus wearing face masks. It was such a bizarre sight. When one sat next to me, I was more terrified of him than he probably was of me. All I could think of was: AVIAN FLU.

Well, I will definitely be bringing my camera with me tomorrow. This is a culture shock in my own backyard, and I would be mindless not to document it.

Shopping Cart Sins

After a so-so day of class I decided to run into the local grocery for a few items. I attempt to avoid the grocery store during peak hours and on certain days of the week. I should have stuck to my guts on this.

What should have been a quick trip turned into a life or death expedition between myself and altered wire carts.

Everyone thought the shopping carts with the plastic vehicles attached were cute. I even thought it was a clever idea. It was one of those, "Why didn't I think of that?" moments. Not so much today. I found myself trapped on several occasions by the same two creature carts in every aisle I needed something! The pushers of these contraptions need to sign some sort of etiquette waiver. Pushing those enormous carts is a privilege. I was trapped in the cereal aisle from both ends. To make matters worse the passengers in these vessels were snotty, small and making awful noises. I'm so aggravated. I feel like avoiding the grocery store indefinitely, except those darn carts are EVERYWHERE!

May 21, 2009

Recession Me Beautiful

I was visiting as I do on a regular basis and must say that Fekkai Salon Color has me seriously contemplating an at home dye job. I have tried this only once before with horrendous results. I picked the wrong shade and the process made my already damaged hair go into intensive care. I went from a bubbly brown to a gothic black in a matter of minutes. It was terrible. I still ended up spending over $100 trying to undo the damage.

This Fekkai Salon Color claims to give the user salon quality results at home. The price tag: $30. I want to try this... but it isn't like I can return it if I am not happy with the color. Other users have given it excellent results.

What do you think? Do I dare?

May 20, 2009

Sweet Dreams

RĂªves doux

Sweet dreams are created in beautiful bedrooms. My current style began as something Middle Eastern meets thrift store finds and has snowballed into a conglomeration of impulsiveness. As my iridescent plum and pink quilt slowly becomes more threadbare and my cheetah sheets scare me from sleeping on them, I have begun creating a new bedroom ambiance. This is what I have come up with thus far.
I stopped at Target this afternoon and purchased the kissing pleats comforter, and I am not sure I love it so much in person. It is laying on my bed and every few minutes I check on it to see if I like it any better or not. It actually feels kind of cheap, which isn't usually how Target does things. I'm dissapointed. I think I'll be returning it as I continue the hunt for beautiful bedding.

I Hope...

Eye Hope

Philosophy's newest eye cream lives up to its claims. According to, Eye Hope delivers clinically proven results in six weeks. The cream is a true multi-tasker as it claims to address just about every eye concern I have spent hours staring at in the mirror (over my lifetime): darkness, puffiness and fine lines. As soon as this bad boy arrives I plan on keeping everyone who will listen updated on the results.

  • Plus, I restocked my Hope in a Jar and splurged on Beach Party body wash. As a thank you for my patronage I also got a FREE gift!

May 10, 2009

Breaking down from boredom

I am thrilled that the Spring Semester is officially over!
I now have an entire week ahead of me with no major commitments! What is a girl to do?
Here is what I have been thinking:
  • It has started to warm up in Ames. Therefore, I feel that dress shopping is necessary.
  • I may order something brand-new and exciting from Sephora (Eye Hope by Philosophy).
  • I also plan on reading a book just for fun. I am going to try to get a A Lion Named Christian from the library. I am total pushover for animals.

Speaking of animals, I adopted Jasper a few weeks back. He has adjusted too well. He is taking over my apartment! Between bouts of hysteria he is slowly playing a lethal game of tic tac toe with my hands. He shows my three-year old bamboo plant no mercy, and as if that isn't enough he eats like a little pig.
I love him.