May 10, 2009

Breaking down from boredom

I am thrilled that the Spring Semester is officially over!
I now have an entire week ahead of me with no major commitments! What is a girl to do?
Here is what I have been thinking:
  • It has started to warm up in Ames. Therefore, I feel that dress shopping is necessary.
  • I may order something brand-new and exciting from Sephora (Eye Hope by Philosophy).
  • I also plan on reading a book just for fun. I am going to try to get a A Lion Named Christian from the library. I am total pushover for animals.

Speaking of animals, I adopted Jasper a few weeks back. He has adjusted too well. He is taking over my apartment! Between bouts of hysteria he is slowly playing a lethal game of tic tac toe with my hands. He shows my three-year old bamboo plant no mercy, and as if that isn't enough he eats like a little pig.
I love him.


Piper Jacquelyn said...

I love him too! What a lovely picture of the crazy little guy. I cannot wait to meet him - I am hoping it will be ASAP - maybe in the next few weeks!?

Kip Babbitt said...

Adorable... You have Jasper the kitty and I got Jasper the puppy. Hope all is well.