May 21, 2009

Recession Me Beautiful

I was visiting as I do on a regular basis and must say that Fekkai Salon Color has me seriously contemplating an at home dye job. I have tried this only once before with horrendous results. I picked the wrong shade and the process made my already damaged hair go into intensive care. I went from a bubbly brown to a gothic black in a matter of minutes. It was terrible. I still ended up spending over $100 trying to undo the damage.

This Fekkai Salon Color claims to give the user salon quality results at home. The price tag: $30. I want to try this... but it isn't like I can return it if I am not happy with the color. Other users have given it excellent results.

What do you think? Do I dare?


Piper Jacquelyn said...

I say DO IT! I've been looking into stylist says it's actually a really decent product. Of course, he thinks it's better if he does it himself, but you know...come to Omahizzle & do it here!!

Cassandra said...

Done and done.