May 29, 2009

Animals in Space

This monkey looks either pissed or incredibly sad. Sad monkey.

While I was listening to NPR yesterday a very interesting piece on animals in space peaked my interest. Then I got to thinking. If one of these animal filled ships landed in some distant galaxy and its inhabitants opened the hatch and out flew this monkey, what would they think?


Piper Jacquelyn said...

Ha! Sad monkey indeed. So, this makes me think. What if all the alien sightings that have occurred on our planet are just their animals as well? Perhaps we have never actually seen the real "aliens" only their zoo pets?

Cassandra said...

You are now entereing... The Twilight Zone. Oe oe oe ee

Bree Ingersoll said...

Never thought of it that way... you may be on to something! (in another 20 years this could find it's way into a conspiracy theory book!) :)