January 30, 2009

Edward Cullen vs. David

I'm in search of my own Edward Cullen, but is it bad that he is going to be 17 forever?
I am currently reading Book Three of the vampire series, Twilight. I can honestly say I am in a vampire-like mood. To further my pop-culture knowledge on the subject I rented Lost Boys last night. My DVD player pooped out on me so I find myself curled up in bed watching a lot of rented movies on my laptop. I didn't make it through the entire movie due to my exhausted stupor, but I was violently awaken when my laptop slid off my satin quilt and crashed to the floor. Startled I looked up from my sleep.

Now, you are either going to think I'm crazy or crazy in a funny way, but I kid you not I thought I saw Kiefer Sutherland's character crawling up to my face! I haven't had as vivid a dream in a long time. I was concerned for my heart, but here I am blogging, so I am pretty sure I'm going to make it.
As if Lost Boys wasn't terrifying enough, I also rented Mirrors. Kiefer Sutherland also stars in this more current horror film. This time he is a cop without a job working as a security guard in a department store that has been closed due to a deadly fire. Mirrors are causing chaos. I'm thrilled that I work in an industry that survives on mirrors.
I am thoroughly traumatized at this point.
I'm popping Orbit gum like candy and blown away that Jerry Springer still has a TV show.
Ah! I just saw blurred out butt crack.

Gumby also stopped by mi casa this afternoon. He delivered his famous Pokie Sticks, half and half pepperoni and cheese pizza and my liquid courage, Mountain Dew. Delicious. I'm a stuffed Cyclone.
Gumby's Pizza & Wings is definitely a college tradition. Let's just say, I'm a happy panda right now.


Piper Jacquelyn said...

Okay, I messed up my comment. Anywho - I love this post. I'm loving the Pokey Stix {& want some desperately!}. As for Vampies? I pick Ed. Cullen any day.

Bree Ingersoll said...

I sadly admit to reading the Twilight series! (it only took me three days too!)