June 2, 2009

An Oldie But Goodie

Think back at least a decade. How inviting while at the same time overwhelming was the cosmetics aisle of Walgreens or Target? Remember when it was okay to buy your makeup at the grocery store? How long has it been since your first experience with make-up? Most likely you were like me, completely oblivious to style. Purple cream eye shadow (not the tasteful type), too orange of foundation, hot pink gloss and cheap mascara.
Cheap mascara you say? Of course. I have long since forgotten the days of purchasing cosmetics from the array of choices in the beauty aisles, but last night I ventured up and down the aisles of the local Target in search of something special. What I found was better than I could have expected. You all remember the plush pink tube of mascara with the neon green lid? That is right. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. America's #1 selling mascara, according to Maybelline.com. Oh, this little tube of $3.99 goodness has made this make-up aficionado very happy. I forget how wonderful simplicity is. At first the wand felt too tiny. Compared to the other mascaras I have been using, the brush was a tad on the limp side. Since I typically pay upwards of $14.o0 for a tube of black goo that inevitably ends up boring me within weeks, I've tried a lot. For the most part I haven't been as pleased as I feel I should be with such an expensive splurge. Not so with this little gem. I opened the tub up this morning.

Now for the tru e test. I've always been leery of waterproof anything on my face, but since it is raining in Ames today I a m going to give this bad boy a go. I think I am going to be pleasantly pleased.

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Piper Jacquelyn said...

I need waterproof mascara ASAP! I should check out Walgreens - I keep meaning to. Let my pale-eyelashed self know how this worked out for you!